Every participant is required to familiarize himself / herself with the rules listed below and to follow them for the duration of the festival.
  • Read the participation rules

    Each participant, by buying ticket, undertakes to adhere to the participation rules and is aware that serious or repeated violations of the participation rules may result in exclusion without refund of the entry fee

  • Follow the organizers instructions

    Only by following our instructions we can guarantee smooth course of the festival. Thank you for trying to follow this rule.

  • Follow the fire and safety regulations

    Smoking is allowed only outside the building on the square.

  • Keep the ticket still on hand

    They are actively shown to the organizers when entering the entrance. In the event of a loss, a substitute ticket is not provided.

  • Do not bother the neighborhood

    Always respect the rest of the participants and keep order on the premises of the school. Do not interrupt the lecturer during the program. Snacks will be available at the event, including alcohol. It does not mean that it will be administered to young people and that it is appropriate to prevent someone who drinks more. Drunkards will be thrown out.

  • Follow the common social rules

    Be nice to the Kralohrani team and other attendees. Take care of your personal hygiene, do not throw junk around you and such.

  • Keep the nights peace

    After 22 oclock, any noisy behavior outside the school premises is prohibited.


How can I buy a ticket and how much it costs?

You can buy ticket directly through our website www.kralohrani.cz. After the registration you will have to pay the cost within the week otherwise the registration is invalidated and you would need to register again. All the payment info will be displayed at the end of the registration and will be sent to your e-mail. The sooner you register, the cheaper the ticket is. Naturally you can purchase the ticket on the spot. You can either buy ticket for each seperate day or for the whole festival. Price of the ticket is displayed during registration. Children under age of 10 are eligible for free admission.

What should I bring with me for the festival?

Mainly you and your good mood. What is important, since the event will take place in the gym for which we are responsible, take a some form of slippers with you. Thank you in advance for that. If necessary, we will provide you with disposable shoe covers. If you want to sleep at the festival, bring your sleeping bag etc. It will be April, so we recommend warmer clothes.

How will the whole festival take place?

Festival will officially start at friday, 13. 4. 2018 at 16,30. Saturday program will start in the early morning and the festival will end at sunday, 15. 4. 2018. around 17,00. Board game room, where you can openly play anything available, will be open during the whole duration of festival. We will also recommend you and teach you games you are interested in. During the festival there will be several tournaments, which you can attends. The tournaments are accessible for a small fee and can be paid during registration of ticket or before the tournament, if there are any free spots. All tournaments have great prizes you can win! In addition there will be generous accompanying program in form of organized plays, RPGs, workshops, etc.

How the accommodations works?

We are offering accommodations on the premises in one of the gyms of Uprkova school (the one, where the program won't take place). If you are interested in accommodations, only thing is to fill this infromation in the registration form. Please, take your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad and other accessories. Accommodation is available from Friday to Saturday and also on Saturday on Sunday, and it is free of charge. If there is little interest in accommodations, you will be accommodated in one of the classrooms.

What about food?

There will be no regular food stand/kiosk on the premises. We will only sell small refreshments and snacks. But we work with a local pizzeria, where you can always order a pizza that will be delivered directly to the festival. There are also several restaurants, that you can visit. Here are a list of the closest ones:

What about drinks?

There will be great coffee and warm drinks, courtesy of Cafe na Kole ( www.cafenakole.cz) . We will also have beer and non-alcoholic drinks-

Are there showers?

Yes, since the festival is taking place in the school gym. However the capacity is limited, so you need to be patient and wait.

Can I participate in the organization of the festival?

Yes, you can! Write us at info@deskoviste.cz or to our facebook pages Kralohrani. We will be glad to welcome any help - the helpers who will help us move furniture, gamemasters to explain the games or other operatives. If you have any idea of an activity that might appear on the Kralohrani, do not hesitate to call or write us, we will definitely think about it!