Do you have a game, taht you would like to play with someone, but nobody wants or can? Does the game sits on the shelf, collecting dust? It doesn't have to anymore! Take if to Kralohrani with you. You can find players for your game at the festival. So, don't hesitate and find your "gamemates" or join someone!

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Organized by: Karel Ettler


Včetně Sedláků z blat a rozšíření. Pro ty, co to už několikrát hráli.


Karel Ettler,

How matchmaking works?

Matchmaking is a system, in which you can find players, amongst other registered users, for any game in our gaming room and/or you own game. Creating such activities is accessible through your administration or, if you are logged in, here through button on this page. For creating such activtiy you need to fill in name of the game, max number of players, date and time, when the activity takes place and a short description. After creating it is visible he and in your administration. Finding players for your games has never been easier!