ere will be hundreds of board games available to try out in Kralohrani Whether it will be a proven classics or hot news. The board game room will be open throughout the whole duration of festival. In addition, the gamemasters, who will recommend and explain the game if needed, will be present in the game room.

How the game room works?

The board game room is open on friday from 16:30 to 02:00, on saturday from 7:00 to 2:00 and on sunday from 7:00 to 17:00. Playing in the game room is free within the ticket. There will be a marked area where you can borrow games and then return the games back. Please, treat games as best as possible and try to minimize the destruction and loss of components. For any loss or damage done to the game, we may want financial compensation

Looking for players?

Do you miss something on the program that you would like to play or want to play some from your collection? After signing up, you can create a custom activity that you and other visitors can see here on our site. Finding players for a game, that you have been longing to play for a long time, has never been easier!

Boardgame list